Clear Creek Swim School

The Clear Creek Swim School utilizes a comprehensive swim program that begins with developmentally appropriate techniques, which focus on helping children to be comfortable and happy in the water. Building upon solid foundations and simple steps, children will progress through our levels, learning to be safe swimmers. All children can learn to swim; it’s just a matter of when. We will never give up on a child, and while the water can be scary for many children, our goal is always to ensure that children have a love of the water. When children are happy and trust their instructor, skills learned can be accelerated tremendously.

Which class does your child need to be in? Descriptions are listed below or contact the Recreation Center at 303 567 4822

    Monday - Thursday Classes
    $32 - District
    $42 - Non-District

    Saturday Classes
    $16 - District
    $26 - Non-District

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    Swim Club
    Monday & Wednesday

  • Children must be able to complete a length of the pool and be age 4 or older. Swimmers invited to join our Swim Club, will learn basic stroke techniques.
  • Time: 9:30 am - 10:30 am
    Fee: $30 per month

Lesson Descriptions

Star Fish    (8 months up to 5 years)

30 minute class
Parent/Guardian accompaniment in the water is required. This class gives parents the basic teaching skills of swimming. Class taught in shallow water. No prerequisite skills required.

Level 1   (3 years & up)

30 minute class
In this level students will begin to feel comfortable in the water. Proper breathing control, front and back floating and independent movement and skill performance will be taught and encouraged. Class taught in shallow and deeper water. No prerequisite skills required

Level 2   (4 years & up)

30 minute class
Students will learn to independently demonstrate floating, kicking, submerging, treading water and basic stroke skills. Class taught in shallow and deeper water. Prerequisite: passing Level 1.

Level 3   (4 years & up)

40 minute class
This class focuses on stroke development and increased endurance. Fundamentals of diving will also be introduced. Class taught in deep water. Prerequisite: passing Level 2.

Level 4   (5 years & up)

40 minute class
Students will continue to work on refining and improving their strokes and increasing their endurance. Class taught in deep water. Prerequisite: passing Level 3.